Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wedding Shoes

Today, I've been in my office preparing to speak at a Ladies Retreat this weekend. How exciting to share Church Lady- Freed to be a Woman of God with this precious group of ladies from Spring Baptist Church! Its noon and I'm taking a quick break for lunch. I decided to write a post since I haven't in several days. goes by so fast!

Although I’m focusing on an encouraging message for women, there isn’t a day that goes by wedding isn’t on the forefront of my mind. How can it not be? A few minutes ago the doorbell rang and the UPS guy delivered 2 more gifts for the Bride and Groom. Boxes…they’re everywhere! But the greatest task of the day… Holly has her 2nd fitting tonight at 7:00.

 If you haven't been a part of a wedding in a while you can't imagine how important the role of the wedding shoe has become. Perhaps photographers and shoe designers have collaborated. They surely both benefit well from this fashion trend. You should see the pictures staring the wedding shoe. It’s unbelievable!  A good photographer creates unique pictures (with the shoe in the spotlight) that portray the personality of the Bride. Its fun and the pictures are beautiful but for the girl who LOVES SHOES, like Holly Peele…it’s a huge task to find the perfect pair!

Holly has spent hours looking on-line and evenings off searching. Perhaps you, like her dad, are  thinking, “You’re kidding me. She didn’t even find something at Nordstrom?” Well…yes she did. In fact she found the perfect pair! A designer shoe with a price tag through the roof! Needless to say, she didn't get the Jimmy Choo she thought would be exquisite with her dress. Thankfully...we laughed-together!  

With the wedding day five weeks away and her Bridals one week from today, we are all very happy that Holly has finally found the perfect shoe. Well…we hope so. She’s taking two pair to determine which one looks best.  Can’t help but think of Cinderella. Actually it may have been easier to find glass slippers. And thankfully Caleb, her Prince charming, has already found his Princess.
Oh my Holly Dolly- gotta love that sweet girl.
My joy!
The Mother of the Bride

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