Friday, December 9, 2011

The Wedding Celebration

In the Bible, the book of John and the second chapter, Jesus and his mother were at a wedding. When Mary heard the wine had run out, (which would have been an embarrassment for the host), she approached Jesus with the problem. Jesus saw six stone water jars and told the servants to "fill the jars with water", so they filled them to the brim. Then he told them, "Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet." They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from but exclaimed that it was the best wine of the night! It was a miracle! In fact, it was His first.

I've used this scripture before but I couldn't help but share it again because we, too, experienced a miracle at our wedding!

 After the ceremony, our guest took a short drive over to the Courtyard at St. James Place for the wedding reception. It was a beautiful night, 72 degree's and the guest enjoyed hors'devours on the courtyard, under trees laced with tiny white lights, while the harpist played love songs in the back ground. Upon our arrival everyone moved in to the banquet area and found their table. It was time to celebrate and was our joy to greet friends and family who had joined us for this most joyous occasion.

 Once I walked up the stairs into the banquet area, my eye's seemed to race across the room checking it all out as I continued to greet friends. The room was perfect!  Jimmy, the floral designer did a fantastic job at creating the look Lindsey had dreamed of. The room was filled with pink lighting which flashed softly up the walls onto the ceiling. The flowers were gorgeous (white,bright pink and orange with hints of green, accented with brown pods) and creatively designed. Some arrangements were tall, some lower but each one perched on a silver candelabra with candles lit around the sides. Beautiful! The band was playing and the room was buzzing. My feelings-surreal!

The night went too fast! I rarely sat down for longer than a minute because I'd rather talk and mingle of course! Our sweet server brought Bruce and I a plate of dinner but we only took a few bites. After watching The Father of the Bride (Steve Martin) and getting advice from a friends who have already had weddings, we knew there were a few things we especially didn't want to miss. Hedi, the wedding coordinator, did her best to keep up with me to assure I didn't miss any once in a life time moments. At one point however, she lost site of me and we missed Lindsey and Bryan cutting the cake. Thankfully we arrived to see them feed it to each other. Whew! And I must say the cake was delicious (Suzie's Cakes)!! We got in a few dances with each other and squeezed every ounce of time we could out of those 4 hours.

A few of my favorite moments:

Distracted by all the excitement, when I heard the band announce the first dance, I politely excused myself from a conversation. This was number one on my don't miss list. By the time I got to my seat Lindsey and Bryan were already on the dance floor. Funny but my table was empty. I think everyone had gone to fill their plates. So I sat there, un-distracted and watched my girl, all grown up, dance with a very handsome man, her prince charming, the answer to her prayers, Bryan Oler- her husband. The song was Michael Buble-Everything and the band sang it beautifully! Seeing the sparkle in Lindsey's eye and the sparkle in still my heart. I loved seeing them dance, holding each other close, laughing, learning together and I prayed, "Lord, I pray this feeling never stops for the happy couple. Rain down your blessings on them. Shower them with your unconditional love so they can give it freely. May they find love goes deeper than they ever imagined. As they grow together may they grow closer to You-always. May they come to understand through the years the miracle of marriage, "becoming one". Thank You Lord, for the gift of marriage. Thank you for this miracle right in front of me."

As I looked around the room I saw our precious friends and family along with the Oler's and theirs; laughing, smiling, eating, and as in slow motion I saw a few of our dear friends hold their glasses up and make a toast to Lindsey and Bryan. In that very moment I couldn't help but think of Jesus at that wedding feast. I smiled to myself and thought, "And Jesus, You are hear with us now and You have provided everything we need." With a heart full of gratitude I was whisked away to the dance floor by my husband

Bruce, my wonderful husband/Father of the Bride, was responsible for 4 of the most important jobs needed to pull off a perfect wedding.
 1. Money!
 2. To walk his daughter down the aisle.
 3.To give her away and remember the words, "Her mother and I". ( He really didn't give her away,   he gained a son.)
 4. To give the toast to the Bride and Groom.

Bruce wasn't worried about the first three, but the toast? This was way out of his comfort zone. To give a speech in front of 250 of our dearest friends while his daughter stands in front of him in her beautiful wedding dress!! This was a huge task! He worked for months on that speech and he did it, and did it well! His words were beautiful and Lindsey and I were both so proud!

The moments of quick hugs and short visits with our guest was priceless. I don't remember much of the conversations but I do remember who was there. We are thankful to have been surrounded by so much genuine love. A blessing and such a sweet spot!

When the band played We are Family- I loved it! So many of my girlfriends came out and our smiles seemed to be painted on our faces as they were continuous. The Cherished Chicks were there, my mom and even Bernard were dancing, my sister and Danny, Teresa and Cortney, my fabulous aunts, cousins Tammy, Eddie, David and Karla AND my 91 year old GRAND MOTHER!!!!!

The last song for Lindsey and Bryan was romantic- "Fly Me To The Moon" followed by "Let's Get It On". It's okay...they're married now!!!! Then in a flash the dance floor was packed when the band played "Shout"! In that moment as though we had planned it, Lindsey and Bryan got in the middle, Caleb and Holly, Bruce and I were dancing with them and then the Oler's; Nancy and Jhan, Blake and Chelsea completed the family circle. It was a BLAST!

Bruce and I, with sparklers in hand  made our way to the front of the line. The Newlyweds ran through the tunnel of golden sparks as those who are dear to them cheered. Lindsey gave us a kiss and a hug and said, "Mom, was more than I ever hoped for. Thank you! I love you!" They hoped into their get-a-way car and in a flash...they were gone!

The evening was fun! It was the best party we've ever thrown and we loved every minute of it!

The Miracle? Marriage!

"At last!" Adam exclaimed. "She is part of my own flesh and bone! She will be called 'woman,' because she was taken out of man." This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two shall become one. (Genesis 2: 23,24)

This brings us to the end of this wedding. I've enjoyed sharing the details and I pray some of my joy overflowed to you. Thank you for reading and for passing the story on. I pray it encourages, inspires, helps, or has put a twinkle in your eye. And now...we are DOING IT AGAIN!! Different daughter, different wedding but just as much JOY and Excitement! God is good! We give all the glory to Him and look forward to sharing more with you.

With a heart full of praise,
The Mother of the Bride

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wedding Day!

The Wedding Day!

 As I told you in my last blog the events of the day were amazingly fun-it was the perfect day! While enjoying the comfort of the beautiful suite, Lindsey was surrounded by her dearest girlfriends laughing, dancing, talking, and eating while hair was being curled and sculpted into delicate up-do's and make up was being applied to every bridesmaid. Surely it was a little like this when Esther (in the Bible) was having her beauty treatments. And certainly I can repeat her words found in Esther 4:14..."For such a time is this." There is no question this day was blessed with the presence of God.

At 5:00 sharp everyone was dressed (except for Lindsey) and ready to drive to the church. As we left the suite Madison was applying my mom’s make up, the flower girls and Jr. Bridesmaid were having their hair styled and my sweet aunts were smiling from ear to ear as they watched us scurry out the door.

On the drive over I looked at Bruce and the moment was surreal. We were on our way to OUR daughters wedding! I told him he looked so handsome in his black tux. He smiled and said, "And you Mrs. Peele, Mother of the Bride, look so beautiful in that gorgeous dress. We should do this again...say in 4 months." We laughed. Our smiles lingered as we sat silently for the short drive to the church. Then Bruce said, "This is it. Our Lindsey is getting married." We looked at each other both with tears welling up in our eyes as 26 years of memories flashed through our minds.

As we arrived to the sanctuary, Jimmy my fabulous floral designer, met me at the doors of the church. "You've got to come see this!” he announced. I followed him quickly through the sanctuary doors and he said, "Look at this! The wedding before us left these flowers here and said we are welcome to use them." Not only were they hydrangeas, they were white and matched the arrangements he had made for the front of the church! We couldn't help but laugh out loud. You see, Lindsey wanted flowers on the ends of every other pew however, because we were already over budget something had to be cut. The joke between Jimmy and I had been that she was getting everything she wanted accept for flowers down the aisle. So...the Lord blessed us and she got them after all! It was as though the Lord said, "Lindsey honey, I want you to have everything you want on your special day." No question the Lord had favor on Lindsey. What a sweet thought.

Lindsey, anxious to put on her fabulous wedding gown, was more than ready for me to join her in the Bridal Parlor. After making sure everything was going according to plan in the sanctuary, I rushed over. When I entered the room the wedding dress was free standing in the middle of the room; held up by yards of fluff, there was a perfect hole in the center. Lindsey stepped in; we pulled the dress up, zipped it and buttoned the forty buttons placed delicately down the back. BEAUTIFUL!!! The most beautiful bride I've ever seen. Of course I am The Mother of the Bride.

Jimmy presented the bouquets to every girl and then to Lindsey with a bouquet that was, as she said, more beautiful than she imagined! Then Bruce came in and saw Lindsey for the first time in her dress. That was a sweet moment. Lindsey, dad, Holly and I circled up and dad said a prayer. Funny how in all the chaos when you stop and pray there is calm, a peace and an assurance that God is with us.

Then in a flash, JP Beato, the photographer had the girls in front of the church where he took what seemed like a thousand pictures. of the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the parents, the flower girls, and of the Bride. The sun was going down quickly so Lindsey rushed back to the Bridal Parlor while the bridesmaids took pictures with Bryan.

Lindsey's Aunt Melissa, Aunt Teresa and cousins, Cody, Cortney and Ashley lit all the candles that finished setting the stage. It was just as we had envisioned.  All the planning, all the dreaming, all the checking off that to-do-list and it was time for our guest to arrive. In the foyer the harpist played while our guest signed the book and waited to be seated. Then finally it was time to make our way to the sanctuary which had been filled with friends and family awaiting this divine moment.

The grooms parents, Nancy and Jhan Oler went down the aisle first and then Bruce and I. When we got to the last pew the four of us walked up the steep steps together and lit the appropriate unity candle. Then the four of us circled up and each said a short prayer for the Bride and Groom. It was a precious moment and we are so thankful that we all love Jesus.

At 7:30 sharp the wedding bells rang. Juli Henderson our precious friend sang The Lord's Prayer and then the bridal party entered. The organ music was very traditional. After the bridal party was in place, the music stopped and there was a tiny bell ringing. The flower girls entered the room; one ringing a silver wedding bell the other holding a sign Here Comes The Bride. Once they were in place the center doors opened, the organ began to play and as the guest stood, I couldn't help but peek into the aisle to see her. There she was (I'm wiping tears as I relive this moment), my little girl, all grown up, my Lindsey Lou, a beautiful woman who has kept herself pure, who has waited and trusted the Lord-and is in this very moment in the  midst of answered prayers. And I had a front row seat! As she walked beside me I felt the warm embrace of the Lord's presence and Lindsey was indeed the radiant bride she always hoped to be. The smile on my face was stuck and the joy in my heart was literally overflowing.

When the Pastor asked, "Who gives this bride?", Bruce, The Father of the Bride and my sweet husband of thirty years; the one who trusted us with wedding plans (and the money), the one who works so hard to provide for our family, the one who has been the godly loving father I always hoped our girls would have- said "her mother and I." In that moment, I felt so proud, so blessed, so fairy tale Happily Ever after. It was truly magical.

Bryan's Uncle Mark led the first part of the service and then John Card, Singles Pastor at Second Baptist Woodway, delivered a short message and the vows. Lindsey and Bryan kneeled for a prayer, and then moved over to the unity candles while Chris and Juli Henderson sang, "When God Made You" by Natalie Grant.

Then for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Oler were presented! The two flower girls went out first, ringing the bell and holding a sign that now said, "Just Married!" The guest applauded and the bridal party followed.

When Bruce and I walked out I couldn't help but raise my hand in thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father. It was a worshipful moment and a glorious ceremony. We are so thankful and so very happy!

The blessings that come from obedience is priceless, so worth it!

Next- the celebration!

Much Joy and Thanksgiving,
The Mother of the Bride

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bridal Luncheon Blessings

If you have wondered why I have not written since the wedding, I've been just a tad bit distracted. I will say we are all still floating on Cloud 9 and Lindsey and Bryan have returned from their honeymoon. And- these plates...they keep spinning only by the grace of God.

 Let me back up and tell you a few highlights starting with the fabulous Bridal Luncheon. Hosted by a dear friend of ours in honor of Lindsey and her seven Bridesmaids, we enjoyed an unforgettable blessing. The luncheon was at Ouisie's Table, a boutique style restaurant on San Felipe, in the Galleria area of Houston. Lindsey's Bridesmaids, house party and a few ladies who mean the world to Lindsey and I, sat around a large square table adorned with beautiful fresh flowers in the center. Not only did joy fill our hearts but the room and the ambiance of the cottage style patio was simply perfect for such a celebration.

Before the lunch MeMaw, Lindsey's grandmother, said a precious prayer giving thanks for all the Lord has done in Lindseys life over the past 26 years. She then asked the Lord's favor on Lindsey and as she steps into the role of wife and as she and Bryan keep Christ the center of thier marriage and of thier home.

Guest had a choice of Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Greek Salad and Salmon or Chicken Salad Sandwich Ouisie's style. The meal was finished off with a dessert sampler which included Black Magic Cake, Lemon Ice Box Pie & Tres Leches. Delish! The clear glasses around the table seem to complete the decor with it's mint leaves dipped into the pink raspberry tea. Wow! What a treat! What a perfect way to kick off the wedding weekend- and so girlie!

After the luncheon, most of the Bridesmaids went to Josie's Nails (our favorite nail place) for mani-pedi's before getting dressed for the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner.

My friend Alisa and I went to Houston Bridal to pick up the pressed wedding dress and then finally checked into the suite at the Omni Houston. Much to my surprise, (another God thing) since we booked over the agreed amount of rooms, we were given the Presidential Suite and....OMG!!!!! It was beautiful and perfect for the girls to get hair and make-up done and get dressed in on the wedding day.

Bruce had actually checked in before me and brought snacks and drinks for all the girls to enjoy while they were getting pampered the next day. Bruce and I decided to sit down with each other and enjoy the calmness of the hour; we knew if we didn't ,we wouldn't have another opportunity for at least 48 hours. It was a special time. Lindsey and Holly got to the hotel about 4:30 and it was time to get dressed for the rehearsal.

 The wedding ceremony was at our church, which is also the church where Lindsey and Bryan met-Second Baptist, Woodway. The Sanctuary is beautiful and very traditional as far as Baptist churches. The steeple seems to pierce the blue sky its so tall, the columns on the front, the white double doors, the long single aisle and the organ pipes across the back wall of the sanctuary-beautiful!

We had a few things to take to the church that evening to decorate the foyer; wrought iron lantern stands (designed and made by Bruce of course), several additional lanterns, candles, and for those of you who know me -a few accessories to add a unique touch as our guest entered the church. As we drove up to the church most of the wedding party were already standing on the steps of the church waiting to go in. Poor Bruce hates to be late AND he got so nervous! Poor thing got out of his car but his thumb decided to stay. Ouch! So sad! Yes, he slammed his thumb in the car door and it locked! Poor Father of the Bride. It hurt so bad but he held back the agony and went on. Bless his heart.

Rehearsal was fun. It was surreal seeing what we had planned for months becoming a reality. After going over details and placement of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, flower girls, etc... several times, everyone headed over to Willie G's where the Oler's (grooms parents) hosted a wonderful rehearsal dinner. Seriously...I don't know how it can get any better. The food was so good and there was so much of it! There were maybe 70 people, wedding party, Juli and Chris who sang at the wedding, the flower girls, Jr. bridesmaid and their parents, friends of the Oler's, the house party girls and the ushers, some family members who were helping with the weddings, my mom, Bernard and sister- it was a joyful celebration! The video of Lindsey and Bryan growing up was a real treat to watch and of course brought tears to my eyes. In those moments I realized just how fast life goes by. For every memory, we are thankful to God. The words that were spoken that night were priceless! I was so proud of Holly; she gave a great toast and blessing to the Bride and Groom that she had been so nervous about for weeks. Blake the best man and brother of the groom did a great job too! One of the groomsmen stood up to give a blessing and his words were precious and so God honoring. To tell you the truth, it felt like a fairy tale-but it was real and a sweet spot for sure!

The fellowship and food were great. After a late night, I was actually able to sleep. Saturday morning the groom, groomsmen, ushers and the dads left early to play golf. Lindsey, Holly and I were the only ones in the suite and we had room service bring us breakfast. the nerves are setting in. We couldn't eat and let's just say it was a good thing the suite had three bathrooms!!! Those two hours-just me and my girls went by so fast. Before we knew it the Bridesmaids were beginning to show up and we knew soon we'd be Going to the chapel and Lindsey and Bryan were gonna get married! We played that song several times during the day. So Fun!!!

Our hair stylist JoEllen, from Stonegate Salons did an amazing job creating the perfect hair for Lindsey and her Bridesmaids. Then to top it all off, Madison Lee, our precious friend who has incredible make-up techniques from years of pageants and more recently classes taken from the Pretty Face-completed the look with the perfect touch. These girls are all gorgeous inside and out but the make-up Madison applied just enhanced their beauty. We are so grateful for both these ladies who spent the whole day with us.

Okay...I'll stop for now. Next....the Wedding!!!!
Friend me on face book if you want to see some pictures. Of course it will be months before we get the pictures from the photographer (JP Beato), but friends are posting snapshots.

The reason I mention the names of the places we ate, stayed and who did our hair and make-up...I highly recommend all of them if you live in the Houston area. Great food, service, great people and now a lasting memory for our family.

To think...I'm planning another wedding and writing a teen Bible study with a manuscript due December 30th! I told you...the Lord is my strength and my plate spinner.

Until next time,

The Mother of the Bride(s)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A sweet surprise!

Sunday evening, 6 days before the Wedding Day we experienced an unexpected precious moment; a cherry on top blessing from our Heavenly Father.

While helping Lindsey put her Bridesmaid gifts together we were chatting about the week ahead. As you would expect all the big things are taken care of however, this is the week for those last minute details.   Hearing our conversation, Caleb (Holly's fiancee), asked if there was anything he could do to  help. "Actually there is." I said. "While we're waiting on the chili to get ready, you can help me put ribbon on these cards." Much to my surprise within minutes everyone was around the kitchen table tying tiny brown ribbon on the Keep in Touch cards. Bruce and Bryan cut the ribbon, Caleb and Holly tied it on the cards, and I trimmed up the edges while Lindsey finished her gift bags. We were talking, laughing, going over the details of the week when Bruce (Father of the Bride) said "Lindsey honey. I have a gift for you." As she pulled tissue paper out of the tiny black bag, she found a tiny black box. To her surprise they were tiny diamond earrings for her to wear on her wedding day. After hugs and sweet words were exchanged, dad motioned for us to circle up. "Let's pray for God's strength and peace as we begin the busy week ahead and for Lindsey and Bryan", he said.

Can you believe the task I had been putting off would be just the task the Lord used to bless me to tears? The family circle of prayer was priceless! In those moments everything was put in the right perspective. God created marriage and He loves to bless His children! As my tears fell to the floor, I praised the Lord for all He had done. Our girls have both been blessed with wonderful godly men and we are gaining two wonderful sons! The greatest blessing...we all love Jesus!!!!!!!

Those who walk with the Lord, who trust Him and surrender their lives to Him-see Him at work in their lives. While our arms were around each other it was as though God's arms were around us. I have to wonder, can God continue to out do Himself in the blessing department? Yes He can and yes He will!

The verse below is my prayer for Lindsey and Bryan. As they begin a family of their own, as they become an extension of ours, and most importantly an extension of the family of God- may the Lord bless them abundantly. that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
Ephesians 3: 17-19

Tears of Joy,
The Mother of the Bride

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Things We Do For Love

Okay. So I've pretty much left you feeling like we have had a blissfully happy planning experience. And for the most part -this is true. Lindsey and I have gotten along beautifully. For a 25 year old daughter and her mother to get along  85% of the time while planning a wedding in 6's worthy of a hallelujah shout!  However, yesterday I had a MOB (Mother of the Bride) ask me if Lindsey and I ever have disagreements, (hurtful words and hurt feelings), so I thought I should tell you - of course we do! But any smart mom understands that sharing about our spats on a BLOG for  the world to see probably isn't such a smart thing to do. Believe me, while planning a wedding the last thing the mother-of-the-bride wants to do is heap coals on a hot spot. 

With that said, Lindsey gave me permission to share about one of those heated moments. But for the life of me as I sit here this morning, I can't think of one in particular. What I can tell you is that there have been numerous times when my sweet little bride-to-be was a perfect picture of Bridezilla!Oh...just thought of one. It was while we were at an appointment with Heidi, our wedding coordinator. I had done the leg work, made the phone calls, written the checks and quite honestly was the one who orchestrated this particular meeting so, Heidi directed her question to me.  While answering, Lindsey abruptly held out her hand in my direction to shush me,  and rudely said, "Mom! I've got this!"with a mean look on her face. Embarrassed I sat back and shut my mouth. I smiled and hoped the tears in my eyes would not roll down my cheeks in front of this sweet innocent wedding planner seated across from me. How embarrassing! Another time...oh shoot. She told me I could only share one. Ha! 

All I can say is...the things we do for love. Bruce and I want the very best wedding for Lindsey and Bryan that we can make happen within our budget. And we've put together a pretty sweet event! I know that tensions are high and those glaring looks may only get worse during these last 15 days. And in all fairness, I've had a few mom-Zilla moments of my own! Boy, Satan would really love to destroy this joyous occasion if he could, wouldn't he? But nope- not happening here. Instead- I'm praying that through the tedious last minute details, when the bride-to-be has a moment, I will be ever so calm, cool and collected. Prayerfully I will be the godly mother I've always hoped to be. I love Lindsey Nicole Peele, she's my daughter, my friend and I'll put up with a few spats here and there because I know she loves me as much as I love her. The sweet moments we've shared far out shine the others and I'll cherish each one. To think in just a few days, she'll be Mrs. Bryan Oler. She won't come home to her room. She won't be calling to say, "Mom, I'm on my way home", or "What's for dinner". Instead she'll be starting a new life with Bryan. It's a bitter-sweet season. I'm so proud of her and can see God's plan unfolding in her life.  It's true, the mother daughter relationship can be difficult at times, but it is also one of the greatest blessings of my life. Okay, now...the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your great love. Thank You for Your grace and unconditional love. Thank You that your love is deep, long and wide and nothing we can do will ever separate us from Your love. May Your love be what shines brightest through me during the next two weeks. When tensions and stresses get high, (and they will), and everyone in my family, (especially Lindsey) looks to me to make it happen, help me be the one who calms and brings peace.  Lord- You love, You give, You forgive. Surely I can put up with a few harsh words, ugly looks and embarrassing moments from those I love. And when Lindsey walks down the aisle to meet her will all be worth it! We pray that the ceremony, the vows and the celebration will all bring honor to You.  I love you Jesus- Amen

The Thing Jesus Christ did for love- He gave His life.
The Things we do for love- serve others. give, give and give some more.

Much Joy!
The Mother of the Bride(s)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18 Days away from the Wedding Day!

Boy meets girl. One of them does that little something that catches the eye of the other. Smiles are exchanged. Small talk is made. Then it happens. The flutter inside that makes them think...he/she just might be the one! Then the first date. Life and laughs. The first kiss. Then those three words are spoken- I love you. The relationship grows and then those four words are spoken- "Will you marry me?" She said,"yes!"  There's celebration, an engagement period, wedding planning, then finally...the Wedding Day! The day two individuals selflessly give themselves to each other; promise to love and to cherish their soul mate, best friend, the love of their life; the day two become one. 

We are 18 days away. The RSVP list is in. We have our final tasting tomorrow. There are only a few more things on my "To Do list" (for now anyway).  We wait with great anticipation for the blessing of the day; to celebrate with our dearest friends as we witness this magical moment. You can be certain we are and we will praise God for all that He has done. 

You would think this is the down time everyone talks about. Not for me. It's time to pull up my boot straps and find a venue and wedding date for Holly and Caleb. I spent the day yesterday calling all the venues on her list. Today I've made a few appointments. Tomorrow, Holly and I will go look for ourselves, with hopes of finding the place so we have the date. Holly's dream wedding looks much different than Lindsey's. It will not be as easy as "let's do it again!" Of course not! Holly's wedding will be a very different style, a lot of personal touches and for those who know Holly...Vintage Chic is the look she hopes to achieve. This can be difficult in the Big City of Houston, Texas but...we're going to make it happen and have fun doing so! Wow! I can hardly wait to see- wedding number 2.

If you are a praying person, (and I hope that you are), pray for God's provision, strength and blessing on our family. And if you are planning a wedding or hoping for one...may the Lord bless you more than you can imagine! Ephesians 3:20.

Much Joy!
Mother of the Bride(s)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bridal Portrait Day

I'll keep this short and sweet. Today was one of those days most moms dream about. To see the bride (your daughter), dressed up in a beautiful wedding dress- for real. She's not playing dress up and she's not six years old. No matter how many times you blink your eyes in disbelief, she's your little girl, all grown up, ready to walk down the aisle. Hair perfectly placed, a face that looks like a porcelain doll and the veil. Oh was the veil that got me. Wow! She is gorgeous!

Hair at 10:00. Pick up bridal bouquet at 11:30. Lunch. Pick up the dress at 12:30. Make-up at 2:00. Dressed and ready for the photo shoot at 4:00. All I can say is...this is SO MUCH FUN!!!! We are loving every single minute. Anxious? Of course. Blessed? Abundantly! Thankful to God? Most assuredly.

Twenty three days can't get here soon enough for Lindsey and Bryan. But for me...I plan to slow down time as much as  possible to savor every sweet moment with the Bride to be- my precious daughter.

Tired and ready for bed. 

The Mother of the Bride

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

...And Holly Too!

Remember the prayer I put in the Western Wall in the city of Jerusalem? If not...let me remind you. "Lord, bless Lindsey with a godly husband and soon! And Holly too!!" Well...this past Saturday, October the 8th, 2011, fifteen months later,  Caleb O'Flaherty ask Holly Peele to marry him. Oh my goodness! This has been so hard to keep a secret but we pulled it off. Or should I say, he pulled it off. Just like Bryan (Lindsey's groom) asked Bruce to a man to man dinner, Caleb did also. On August 20th, Bruce and Caleb had a three hour dinner to discuss his intentions, and Caleb had to answer all those questions on Daddy Bruce's list. And just like Bryan, Caleb passed the test, had a ring made and...she said yes!

I think Bruce has the hang of this thing now. Maybe he should mentor Fathers of the bride on the side. I'm so proud of Bruce, the man I married 30 years ago. I love Him so much! He's not your typical get your shot gun kind of dad. Nope. Bruce is kind, gentle and loving and wants the best for his girls whatever that may be. Like me, he has prayed for this day since before the girls were born. We have raised our daughters, taught them God's Word, loved them and guided them through life. Now God has revealed His plan to them for marriage.   I'm sure on the wedding day there will be tears, but not tears of I'm giving my daughter away. But tears of joy and praise as we celebrate their holy union, two becoming one and becoming a family of their own. And...we are gaining two sons!

The Proposal

After finding the perfect ring, Caleb hid it in his room for weeks. He waited until all the wedding showers for Lindsey and Bryan were over before he proposed to Holly. We appreciate that. The planning has been fun to watch. Our girls have been blessed with guys that want to please and surprise. After several ideas, Caleb finally came up with a plan that was big enough for his Holly.  After Holly got off work on Saturday she would have to run home and change clothes. Caleb told her they were going to Hotel ZaZa for dinner so she wanted to look nice...just in case.  Yes, a few weeks ago she said,"Mom every day I think...this could be the day." She knew he had talked to dad and they had looked at rings, but the timing of the proposal would be a surprise.

After a wonderful dinner, Caleb and Holly walked over to the fountains at Herman Park. If you live in Houston, you know the area. (side note-I actually took my Vaquera drill Team  pictures there one year.) What Holly didn't know was that Caleb had parked at the Planetarium for a very special reason. Holly loves the stars! In Houston with all the big city lights, its pretty tough to find stars so... you guessed it- Caleb rented the Planetarium! (I went there on my 5th grade field trip. Never imagined my daughter would get engaged there.)

When they were walking back to the car, Caleb said, "Man Holly. I need to go to the bathroom. Let's see if we can get in this door," as he pulled open the back door to the Planatarium.  Holly said, "Caleb they're closed!" But according to plan when Caleb opened the door a woman was there and Caleb said, "Can I please use your bathroom?" Holly was surprised when the woman said, "Sure. Its right down this hall." But she didn't think a thing about it. After Caleb came out of the men's room they were walking back down the hall and he said, "Hey, let's see whats in here." Holly said, "Calebbbb! We are going to get in trouble and my feet are killing me! Let's go!"
Caleb opens the door and walks to the center of the very dark Planetarium and with Holly close by- POOF, there they were, standing under the stars. After a speech (which I have no idea what he said, she won't tell me...yet. lol) he got down on one knee, took the ring out of his pocket and asked Holly to marry him. I know! I know!!! Isn't it so sweet and ROMANTIC! After she said, "yes!", right on cue, Garth Brooks song "To Make You Feel My Love" came on and they danced under those beautiful stars!!

When they left the building, there was a limo waiting for them. Well, it was supposed to be right out the door but they had to walk around until they found it. (Oh well, one little glitch is okay!) Once they got into the limo they drove to our house where ONE MORE SURPRISE- 20 friends from church and all of Calebs family (who drove in from the Dallas area) were ready to celebrate with the happy couple!

More to come!

One Happy Mother of the Bride(s)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

28 Days and Lindsey will be walking down the aisle!

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. How can it be...only 28 days and my first born will be walking down the isle towards her groom. OMG! (tears) I'm so excited and if I can be honest...a little frazzled too.

Knowing I needed to take a deep breath I sat silently before my Lord this morning. No words. I just listened and basked in His love. The rest of my morning was spent going through my wedding  notebook (a spiral) to get myself back on track. It seems the past three weeks I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Ha! Funny saying, but the person who made it up must have been feeling just like me!

 As I thought about what I should share today, so much came to mind that I didn't know where to begin. It's been five days since my last post and I can't begin to tell you what all I've done. However,  I thought I'd give you some tips and a glimpse behind the scenes with The Mother of The Bride.

On May 16th, Bryan Oler took Bruce to dinner to say, "I'm in love with your daughter Lindsey and I want her to be my wife." Some people have said, "Seriously? People still do that?" Well, they do if they want to marry our daughters. After "the man to man talk", which went amazingly well and lasted three hours, we knew the proposal was happening and soon. Lindsey was aware that a proposal was eminent but did not know the week, day or moment. Therefore she had been researching venues, dates, and looking at Bridal magazines, especially after she knew Bryan had talked to her dad. Then as you know the proposal happened and like ready, get set, GO-we were off and running!

Now, some brides are fortunate enough to have a Wedding Planner; a person to takes care of every detail. Have you seen Father of the Bride, with Steve Martin? Gotta laugh when you think about that Wedding Planner; talk about over the top! Believe me, it can happen. Other brides however, like Lindsey, have their mom and a wedding coordinator. Remember, every wedding is different; unique to each bride and groom. Some choose a simple wedding, others over the top, while others fall somewhere in between. Try not to compare your wedding to others. I've been to some church weddings with cake and punch receptions that were just as fun and memorable as one of those over the top weddings. In either case, finances are a must to consider. If you are the Bride-to-be, don't make your parents feel terrible if they don't have the money to give you the wedding of your dreams. Work within your budget. Also keep in mind where there is a will, you can usually find a way. If your are creative and want to do the work can make it happen for less, I'm just sayin. If you have 1500.00 or 150,000.00 the most important thing about your wedding is that two people fell in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together being blessed by God and living happily ever after. You don't need fluff to make that happen.

Lindsey and Bryan's Wedding

Getting started-Please note, this is based on the Peele/Oler wedding and helpful tips we have received from other Brides and all those magazines. Our Venue has a wedding coordinator which is a huge plus.  Our florist (who is also a wedding coordinator) will be sure Lindsey walks into the venue and it looks just like we planned. The two coordinators will work together to assure everything looks as planned and that the reception goes according to plan. We should get to celebrate and trust they will keep things running smooth while we celebrate worry free. One more important coordinator- the church. The wedding coordinator at our church has covered every details of the ceremony and will assure everyone is in place, and the order of the service goes according to plan. Whew! Lots of details folks!

With that said here are those tips.
  •  Father and Groom talk.
  • The proposal.
  • Purchase a wedding calendar for the Bride and the Mother of the Bride. Be ORGANIZED!
  •  Plan the budget. Give yourself a buffer because chances are you will go over. 
  •  Have a few dates in mind.
  • Check your church calendar or the place where you want the ceremony to take place. Book it.
  •  Tell your Bridesmaids and groomsmen you would love them to be a part of your special day.
  • Tell the Flower Girls, House Party and any others you want to be a part of the wedding day.
  •  Book your venue. (The place you will have the ceremony and reception.)
  • Sign up for and put the website on your save the dates and face book.
  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms if you have out of town guest coming in town.
  • Reserve the Bride and Groom Honeymoon suite.
  •  Put the Bride and Groom guest list together to determine your numbers.
  •  Find The Dress! The wedding dress can take 3-4 months to order.  
  • Purchase the veil or hairpiece and order your wedding shoes.
  •  Select your Bridesmaid dresses ordered - 3-4 months out
  • Order the Flower girl dress(es)
  • Book Musicians ASAP- (ours for example-soloist, organist, harpist, band)
  • Book Florist- Schedule meetings.
  • Book Photographer for Engagements, Bridal portrait and Wedding Day.
  • Book lighting (if desired or needed)
  • Save the Dates go out 4 months before the Big Day.
  • Be sure to sign up for and put the website on your Save the Date
  • Order the invitations three to four months out.
  • Mail invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding.
  • Request a returned RSVP three weeks before the wedding.
  • Reserve hotel rooms for out of town attendees, parents, etc...
  • Go to several cake tastings and order the wedding cake 3-4 months out.
  • Register for gifts at several locations. (Pottery Barn. Dillard's, Williams-Sonoma, etc...)
  • Choose your menu selection at your venue or with your caterer
  • Coordinate dates and get ready for showers -enjoy!
  • The Bride should write thank you notes after each shower and then after the wedding of course.
  • Plan a Bridal luncheon the day before the wedding. (Someone may host this for you.)
  • Work with Grooms parents for rehearsal dinner. (Hostess by the Grooms parents)
  • Determine if any transportation is needed. Limo, bus, etc...
  • Work with hair stylist for the perfect wedding day look.
  • Determine if someone will do the Brides/Bridesmaids make up  for the wedding.
  • Get gifts for your Bridesmaids and anyone who is in your wedding party. (remind the groom)
  • The Bride will have a gift for the Groom.
  • Prepare for the honeymoon.
  • Mani-pedi day before
  • Day of...don't have anything on your to do list. Ask a friend to be your eye's and hands that day. Share details with her so you don't need to worry. Relax!
Okay- will someone please remind me to RELAX the day of the wedding!!!! I have a feeling this is easier said than done. I have not told you everything however, this is a good idea of life behind the scenes with the Mother of the Bride and the BRIDE of course!

Extra expenses:
Dresses for the showers, luncheon, etc...
Hostess gifts for everyone who host a shower or party in your honor.
Engagement dinner/party.
Shower gifts and of course all those extra things. Again...stay in your budget!
Bridal book and guest registry book. Jewelry. Mother of the Bride dress. Sister of the Bride dress.
Etc. etc. etc. Seriously!

Lindsey and I are thankful  for Bruce who works so hard so we can spend all the money. LOL!'s his joy! And to family and friends who have prayed for us during this time and who have made this precious season of life such a sweet and joyous celebration; we are so very grateful. Most important our Heavenly Father gets all the glory. He designed marriage, brought Lindsey and Bryan together and for this we are so very thankful!

More to come-
The Mother of the Bride

Friday, September 30, 2011

From the Mother of the Bride to the Mother of the Groom

I should have gotten up to write this entry at 3:30am when it flashed to the forefront of my mind.  Instead  I laid wide awake for the next three hours. Being a writer, I usually get up in the middle of the night if I need to purge some great or new idea for my book. But... this is just a BLOG, right?

So now, not only am I experiencing restless nights because I'm planning a wedding, but because of what I said or didn't say in my BLOG! The thought that kept me awake ...well, think about it (I'm assuming you read my last entry)- how many parents of the Bride can you recall ever spending the night at the Parents of the grooms home? For me...1! That would be us. I realized that our circumstance is most probably unique. In fact, I have really good friends that don't like to stay in the homes of their best friends much less the homes of people they hardly know. They always prefer a hotel. And not every woman has the gift of hospitality, and that's okay! So my intent was not to make some poor Mother-of-the-Groom fret over not having an extra room, much less stressing over flowers and a goody box. I hope you're laughing!

There is no etiquette or rule that says you have to invite the parents of the Bride to stay in your home. If you live in another city, and your friends throw a shower for the happy couple, it is perfectly normal to suggest a near by hotel.  The point- when it's possible I highly recommend the parents should try to get together; whether in a restaurant or in one of their homes. You find out a lot about the Bride and/or the Groom when you spend time with their parents and I think it's healthy for everyone involved. Most importantly, the parents of both the Bride and the Groom should work together for the happiness and well being of their adult children who have made one of the most important decisions of their life- To get married! It's an added bonus, a huge blessing if the parents get along. With all that said, I am thankful that the Oler's and the Peele's are enjoying getting to know each other. I have to say it's most probably the Jesus in us-a kindred spirit that comes from knowing the Lord. 

One of the most traditional readings from the Bible at weddings is also one of the most beautiful.
Ruth said, "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." (Ruth 1: 16) I was recently at a wedding where the Pastor continued with verse 17, "Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me." Perhaps more couples should take their wedding vows this seriously. After all- it is a vow made to God and each other. Marriage is hard, especially the first year when the couple is learning to live together. For this reason, they need the support and prayers of their parents.

Bruce (my husband), has worked for a wonderful Jewish family for thirty years. We love the Stein family and have witnessed the closeness they have through the years. When a Jewish couple gets married, not only does the brides family welcome the groom, but his whole family. Instead of families dividing-they unite. Again...not every situation is the same but I like the idea and hope to adopt it.

Remember your vows.
I, (name), take you (name), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

Marriage is a gift from God. Marriage was not designed for convenience but for three distinct purposes.  For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. (Genesis 1:24)

This one verse is key for every happy couple to be.

Tip for the day-
The leave and cleave part is MAJOR. We parents need to recognize it's not what's best for us but what is best for the Bride and Groom. We will need to be selfless at times to keep harmony as our children begin their own family. They will take a little of this and a little of that from both families as they figure out their own way. Believe me...I'm finding out for my self ; I have to step back when I sooooo badly want to step up. "Lord, help me let go." is often my prayer.

We are rejoicing! Our daughter is getting married!!!

The Mother-of-the-Bride

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mother of the Groom

One of my fondest stories in the Bible is the one of Ruth and Naomi. If you aren't familiar with the story, Ruth listened to the advice of her mother-in-law, Naomi, not just because she was older and wiser but because she was trustworthy, kind and had Ruth's best interest in mind. Because Naomi was kind to Ruth the feeling was mutual and they had a loving relationship.

We are excited that Lindsey has been blessed with Nancy Oler, future Mother-in-law, who already loves her. You know what they say- how ever your future husband treats his mother, is how he will treat you. If he respects her- he will respect you. If he helps her-he will help you. If he is kind and loving toward her-he will be kind and loving towards you. Well...Bryan treats his mom with respect and loves her dearly. Wahoo! Praise God..and thank God!!!

I know our story isn't unique; there are many of you who might say, "My story is very similar." And I'm so glad! However, after talking to both Mothers-of- Bride and Mothers-of-the Groom I have to say...not everyone has a fabulous relationship with the in-laws. Did someone say-that's for sure! So my advice to you...when it's your turn to be one, be sure you do it right. We can learn from the mistakes of others AND the good example of others.

The past three week ends we've had so much fun going to wedding showers; celebrating with friends and family. This past weekend the Oler's friends gave the happy couple a shower so Bruce and I drove to Corpus Christi and stayed in Bryan's parent's home.

The Mother-of the Groom had flowers in our room with a goody box. The bed was comfy, the bathroom had all the necessities, her house was clean (that was a plus!) it smelled nice with candles burning, she had good snacks (ha) and most of was obvious they love the Lord. There's just nothing sweeter, is there? The walls had pictures of Bryan and his brother from when they were younger. The pictures on the refrigerator door seemed to tell a story of their life. Bryan's PaPa, Calvin Nevels, had been a Pastor and is now with Jesus. The beautiful grand piano in the front room had been Bryan's dad's fathers, who played the piano professionally. It was obvious that family is important to the Oler's just as it is to us.

That first night as I laid in bed snuggled up next to Bruce, I said, "Feels kind of funny doesn't it? Sleeping in the home of Lindsey's future other family. It feels right though, doesn't it honey?" Bruce agreed and said, "They are really a nice family. I think we can share." We laughed. "Thank You Lord!" We both said, "Amen!"

Bryan and his dad took Bruce fishing while we ladies went to the shower. Nancy's friends were kind to host the shower and once again the Father's love was reflected by all.

My advice to you if you will one day be The Mother-of-the-Groom; Take Note!

Next time- Advice and encouragement for moms with boys during the season of wedding planning.

On my way to a dress fitting.

Much Joy!
The Mother-of-the-Bride

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Engagement Dinner Celebration

The night of the proposal Bruce and I, Jhan and Nancy (Bryan's parents who drove in from Corpus), Blake and Chelsea (the newlyweds), Holly-(sister of the Bride to be and her boyfriend) Caleb, met the newly engaged couple at Lupe Tortilla for a fun casual evening of celebration! Nothing fancy; just a celebration with the couples favorite people and favorite food- Mexican food! When we arrived there they stood with a smile as big as Texas and a glow all around them. It was precious!
(I'll post a picture as soon as I figure out how to.)  

Lindsey was dying to share all the details and we were dying to hear! You see, Bryan thought it would be funny to propose at school, in the middle of the day so Lindsey would have to wait four hours before she could broadcast the news to the WORLD.  So finally...Lindsey got to tell us.  Afterwards, the dad's made a toast. Jhan (Bryan's dad) went first and then Bruce. The place was so loud that Bruce, who sat at one end of the table, couldn't hear what Jhan, who sat at the other end of the table said and they both gave the exact same toast. "First we give thanks to God for answered prayer. Here's to a long happy and healthy life together. To Lindsey and Bryan."

So sweet! I have to admit the tears of joy rolling down my face were also tears of repentance. Strange, I know, but if you remember I tried to control the situation. Only months earlier I had even asked God-  what He was doing? Now, seeing Lindsey's face right next to Bryan's, I'm so glad His plan was revealed in His perfect timing. So as I raised my glass, I wiped a tear, and could just imagine my Heavenly Father saying, it's okay...bask in my favor and extravagant love.

The parent's of the groom are so sweet! We had met them a couple of times before. In fact the first time I taught in Grey Street (the singles Sunday Bible study class) The Oler's came because Bryan was sharing his testimony that same morning. Another time they were actually in our home when Bruce and I hosted Blake and Chelsea's Couples Shower. Now here we sit a few months later with our kids engaged! Boy- when God sets things in motion change can come quick!

You know...we moms don't get to say I told you so as often as we would like to, so I'll take this opportunity. I had told Lindsey and Holly (months earlier) that if they would get involved in a group of friends from church that their new friends would introduce them to other friends and it wouldn't be long until they had a lot of friends and that's exactly what happened. Chelsea, one of those new friends became one of Lindsey good friends and was dating Blake (Bryan's brother). They were in small group Bible study together, played co-ed softball and were always doing something with the class.

 One day Chelsea asked Lindsey what she thought of Bryan, Blake's brother. Lindsey didn't have much to say because although she and Bryan had been at some of the same church events, she didn't have any thoughts, one way or another. Well...Chelsea began to match-make; to drop comments to Bryan and then to Lindsey so next thing we knew, they were talking a little more, then the talking became flirtatious which developed into that first date.

What a blessing that Chelsea and Lindsey will soon be Sister-in-laws.

Now flash forward to September 24th and we, Bruce and I, Lindsey and Bryan are in the car driving to Corpus where the Oler's friends will shower the happy couple with gifts.

More to come-

If you are lonely, need friends or want to serve others...get involved!

The Mother of the Bride

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Proposal

We knew it was coming for weeks but still the excitement was almost uncontainable! After weeks of looking at diamonds, Bryan finally had "the ring" and it is beautiful! Just what Lindsey had always wanted. A large diamond on a platinum band. Simple. Elegant. Shiny. She also wanted the engagement to be a surprise and Bryan was about to pull it off.

First- let me tell you that on May 5th while playing church league basketball, Bryan tore his Achilies heel. After surgery the doctor told him it would be a long recovery and that he would be in a cast, then a boot, for months. So when Bryan proposed he had on a green cast.

Back to the story.
It was June 1st, the last day of school and Lindsey was in her third grade classroom.  If you remember third grade, you know how crazy elementary students act on the last day of school. Needless to say it was hectic and loud. Bryan had never been to Lindseys school so the night before he told her he would bring her lunch and meet her students. Although frazzled, Lindsey was glad to see him and so were the children.

After meeting the students and chatting a bit, Bryan made his way over to the Teacher's Chair. Lindsey had told the students if they were good they could sign Bryans cast. Of course what third grader wouldn't love that! Lindsey instructed the students to sit down and she would call them up if they were quiet. Bryan said, "Miss. Peele, I have a better idea. Let me see if I can remember thier names and I'll call them up." The kids cheered and sat quietly in their seats hoping to be the first one called. While Lindsey turned around to get a sharpie (marker) from her desk, Bryan slowly began to pull up his pant leg. As he did he said, "Let's let Miss. Peele be the first to sign it." And as she bent down, as Bryan pulled the pants higher it revealed someone had already signed it. Lindsey said, "Wait...someone already.....!!!" Oh my goodness!!! On the cast was written -"Will you Marry me?"

The children went crazy! Lindsey, in total shock quickly removed her True Love Waits ring from her ring finger as Bryan got down on one knee and said the words himself.
"Lindsey, will you marry me?" "Yes!!! Yes!!" she answered. The children, some parents and a couple other teachers were now in the room to see what all the commotion was about. The children were saying, "Miss. Peele's getting married!" "Miss. Peele kissed Bryan!!!" So cute!

At 11:57 I got a text- "Mom!!! I'm engaged!!!"

The children never signed the cast that day but I'm sure it will be a last day of school they will never forget.

Pretty creative Bryan!

That day as the new's flashed across face book and ran through phone lines I was reminded that I.. am The Mother of the Bride.

More to come...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Answered prayer

Before the girls were born we prayed that each of them would be healthy both physically and spiritually all the days of their lives. Isn't that what every parent hopes for? I can remember rubbing my big pregnant belly as I wondered who  will she look like? What will her personality be? What will she want to be when she grows up?  One very specific prayer of both Bruce and I was that our babies would grow up under godly instruction and fall in love with Jesus as they journeyed through life. We prayed they would have fun childhoods, that they would feel loved and beautiful and grow up to be confident young ladies. And yes...we prayed that one day they would meet Mr. Right at just the right time.
Fast forward, the girls are 23 and 25 and it's July 1st, 2010. Bruce and I are in Jerusalem at the Western Wall. If you don't know what that is let me tell you. The Western Wall is the holiest shrine in the Jewish world. It is the western side of the wall that Herod the Great built to enclose the area around his temple. The foundation of the temple goes all the way back to the time of Solomon. Yes, King Solomon of the Bible. Jews were not allowed (I can't go in to all of the history) because it is located on the Jordanian side of the city. After the Six Day War, it once again became a place of worship for the Jewish people. Sadly, even today they are not allowed beyond the Temple gates.

You may be wondering how in the world does this go with my BLOG theme - The Mother of the Bride. Well...Lindsey graduated from college in December 2010 and moved back home. For the first time ever that April she shared with me how she was so ready to meet Mr. Right. You see Lindsey had been on a few dates but had never had a boyfriend. With tears in her eyes she asked, "Mom, what am I doing wrong? What's wrong with me? Why doesn't God answer my prayers?" If you are a mama, you know what I wanted to do....I wanted to fix it!

That night me and Jesus had a little talk. As if I was in charge I said,"Now Lord, what are you waiting for? Lindsey has loved You, served You, remained pure... what's the problem? This is breaking her heart. She's a beautiful girl who desires to be a wife and a mom. And I've given my life serving you, telling others about your great plan for marriage, encouraging students to obey your Word. So Lord...what are you waiting for? Where is this godly young man we've prayed for all these years?"  As if He didn't know every detail about Lindsey and as if he needed my suggestions.

So...on July 1st as I stood there in the Western Wall Excavations, which is twenty feet or so beneath the wall where its common to see the Jewish people praying, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to write a prayer, put it in the wall, and in faith believe that the Lord would answer my prayer. Quickly, because we were with a tour group from our church, I found a tiny piece of paper and wrote, "Lord, bless Lindsey with a godly husband and soon! And Holly too!" Please understand, the wall isn't magical but I believe my obedience; my faith, was what God wanted to test. From that moment on I had a new found peace and I BELIEVED He would answer my prayer and hers!

Little did I know God was already at work and Lindsey had already met this Mr. Right, she just didn't know it. She and Holly had gotten their own place and had become very involved in serving, Bible study and socials at Second Baptist Church Houston. In October they went on their first date and soon after on June 1st, 2011 (eleven months to the day that I put my prayer in the wall) Bryan proposed to Lindsey! God is good and He answers prayer in HIS PERFECT TIME! Thank You Lord!!

Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you your heart's desire. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and he will help you. He will make your innocence as clear as the dawn, and the justice of your cause shine like the noonday sun. Psalm 37: 3-7

Trust, delight, commit and wait...and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Next time - The Proposal!

The Mother of the Bride

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to my BLOG

 I'm so excited to finally begin writing my first blog! Perhaps I should tell you that I am a very excited, joyful, blonde that loves Jesus and I've been told I use way too many exclamation points. My life is busy (whose isn't?) but I'm going to try my best to post at least three new blogs a week because there is so much to share...expecially if you are interested in wedding planning. I've been doing a lot of that the past few months! I have two daughters Lindsey, 25 who is getting married November 5th; that's in 7 weeks! And Holly, my 23 year old daughter, is dating a godly young man and who knows what the future may bring.

In the midst of all this planning, life happens. I am an Christian author and speaker and the 2nd book of my latest Bible Study series for teen girls is due the end of November. Even more exciting is that my first inspirational book for women titled Church Lady-Freed To Be A Woman of God will be released March the 6th.

I've never written a blog before but this seems like the perfect time to start. I'll be transparent- you'll hear about the good times and the not so good times as I tell my story of happily ever after from the Mother of the Brides perspective. This should be fun and just might be material for my next book.-God willing.

If you want to get in on it from the beginning join my blog and tell your friends.

Until tomorrow,

The Mother of the Bride


Are you Power(full)?
In her newest Bible Study Power(full) Chandra Peele says, being full with God's power gives you God-esteem and a new perspective; everything is about honoring Him. With your spiritual battery fully charged, you'll have energy, you'll be able to do things you never knew you could, your confidence will be found in Him, and you'll be ready to go at any given moment. Your gentleness and love is evident. Your life shines.You reflect Him to the world because you are power full.

Do you have the power? The power of God in you can change the world . . . if you believe!

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If you have confessed with your mouth and believed in your heart that Jesus is Lord, the very Son of God (Romans 10:8–9), then you have been forgiven from every wrong and made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). By grace (the free gift of God) you have been saved through faith (Ephesians 2:8–9). So remember, God did not give us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. So you must never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord (2 Timothy 1:7).